Where will Ringling’s big cats go?

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With Ringling’s circus going out of business, the question so many are asking is “What will happen to all of them, will they have a home?”

It’s definitely the end of an era, but hopefully a new life for many of the animals. Ringling only owns about a third of the big cats in their traveling shows. The rest are owned by brokers and exhibitors they’ve subcontracted with.

Sadly, circus life may not be over for those cats. Our hope is that when other circuses also start seeing drops in attendance, those cats may finally be retired, too.

Many credible sanctuaries have offered homes for Ringling’s big cats, including us. But Ringling hasn’t publicly announced any plans for them yet, despite requests.

This historic circus closing shows the important power of your advocacy. By continuing NOT to support those who exploit animals for entertainment, you send a powerful message. And yes, we want to keep changing laws, advocating against exploitation. But we also have to be ready to provide a home for all these animals, too. 

                Pandora before rescue

And it’s not just circuses going out of business. It’s also abusive roadside zoos and pay-to-play operators that are closing or being shut down, too. 

What would’ve happened to Griffen, Zeke, Dimitri and Pandora had we not been prepared at a moment’s notice to provide a home for them? There are only so many sanctuaries and the cost of habitats and lifelong care is enormous. We’re willing to take the responsibility of rescuing more – but we need help.

                         Dimitri, Zeke, and Griffen today

We believe in miracles for all of these animals – a true sanctuary with free roaming habitats, excellent care and days to look forward to, rather than dread. We know you believe in the same miracles, too.

Thanks to your compassion, the world is changing for captive animals. You see them as the priority we do. And we’re so lucky to have you as part of our rescue and advocacy team with the many ways you help!

Special thanks to D. DeSantis for use of her circus photos.

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