Willmar Cougar Headed to Tennessee

By | February 3, 2006 at 12:19 am | No comments | TWS in the News

(Willmar, Minn. Feb. 3, 2006) The cougar that was captured in Willmar, Minn. earlier this week will be spending the rest of its days at a big cat facility in Tennessee.

Tammy Quist of the Wildcat Sanctuary in Cedar, Minn., picked up the cat from a veterinary clinic in Willmar just before noon Thursday. She was taking it to Chicago, Ill., where a representative from Tiger Haven of Kingston, Tenn., was to pick up the cat for the rest of the journey to its new home.

Quist said her own facility in Isanti County is full, so they contacted Tiger Haven, which agreed to take the cougar.

It’s still a mystery how the cougar ended up in a Willmar neighborhood across from an elementary school, Quist said, but she’s pretty sure the cougar used to be someone’s pet.

Quist said it looked as if the cougar still had its summer coat, instead of its winter coat, meaning it was likely living indoors. The cougar is in good health though, she said, and appears to be well taken care of.

“We all agree it was someone’s pet,” she said. “It hasn’t been aggressive or shown signs of distress.”

Still, no one has come forward to claim the cougar.

“The vets are hoping that somebody does come forward,” Quist said. “I’m assuming she got out accidentally and the person is afraid to come forward.”

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