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Amazon Wish List

There’s a wonderful way you can help the cats – and the caretakers – by shopping for them this fun and easy way.

We keep an ongoing list of important, much-needed items on our AMAZON WISH LIST HERE.

And, if you haven’t joined our Facebook family yet, be sure to join our Facebook page so you can see the cats having a great time when their wish list items arrive.

Something else that helps in a big way!

Selfie MattyThis could be one of the easiest ways you can ever help support the cats – and it’s free!

If you shop on Amazon – ANYTIME & EVERY TIME –  .5% of what you spend can be given to the cats – at no cost to you!  Amazon has set up a program to donate to YOUR favorite charity each time you shop, and we’ve made it simple for you to do.

Just go to https://smile.amazon.com/ and choose WILDCAT SANCTUARY as your charity of choice.

It’s simple….here’s how:

Since it will be your first time logging in using https://smile.amazon.com/ , you’ll see a prompt to choose your charity.  Type in WILDCAT SANCTUARY as the charity you’d like to choose.

choose Wildcat Sanctuary 2

Then, you can set up a bookmark that makes it easy to remember – ANYTIME & EVERY TIME you shop on Amazon, do it through https://smile.amazon.com/  and a donation will be sent to the cats!

Thank you screen 2

If you forget the next time you log in to https://www.amazon.com/, they’ll even remind you to switch over:


Please let your family and friends know about this easy – and FREE – way to help support our rescue work.

amazon smile program


AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM DETAILS AND FAQ: http://smile.amazon.com/about