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Libby the bobcat a former wild pet


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There’s a wonderful way you can help the cats – and the caretakers – by shopping for them this fun and easy way.  

We keep an ongoing list of important, much-needed items on our AMAZON WISH LIST HERE.  

And, if you haven’t joined our Facebook family yet, be sure to HERE so you can see the cats having a great time when their wish list items arrive.

Something else that helps in a big way!

Selfie MattyThis could be one of the easiest ways you can ever help support the cats – and it’s free!

If you shop on Amazon – ANYTIME & EVERY TIME –  .5% of what you spend can be given to the cats – at no cost to you!  Amazon has set up a program to donate to YOUR favorite charity each time you shop, and we’ve made it simple for you to do.

Scroll down to click on the sign-up you see on the right side of this page. Follow the instructions just one time – that’s it! 

Then, every time you shop Amazon, as long as you remember to log on through www.smile.amazon.com, a portion of your purchases can be donated to the cats automatically.

It’s simple….here’s how:

You’ll find all the same products when you log on through https://smile.amazon.com/ as you do on the regular Amazon site. 

If you have trouble with the sign-up here on the right side of our page, you can also go to https://smile.amazon.com/ and follow the steps detailed below. 


Since it will be your first time logging in using https://smile.amazon.com/ , you’ll see a prompt to choose your charity.  Type in WILDCAT SANCTUARY as the charity you’d like to choose.

choose Wildcat Sanctuary 2

Then, you can set up a bookmark that makes it easy to remember – ANYTIME & EVERY TIME you shop on Amazon, do it through https://smile.amazon.com/  and a donation will be sent to the cats! 

Thank you screen 2

If you forget the next time you log in to www.amazon.com, they’ll even remind you to switch over:


Please let your family and friends know about this easy – and FREE – way to help support our rescue work.

amazon smile program


 AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM DETAILS AND FAQ: http://smile.amazon.com/about