With your help, 4 Bobcats will find sanctuary at TWS

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When we got the call about four bobcats in need of rescue here in Minnesota, we knew we had to do something. The more we’re learning, the more determined we are to get them here as quickly as possible.

These bobcats live in a 4’ x 8’ cage. They were purchased with the intention of breeding them, and then selling their pelts. Luckily, family members of the owner wanted the bobcats to have a second chance at life … at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Bobcats might not have glamorous stripes, they might not be the kings of the jungle, but they have the biggest personalities of all the wild cats. And they deserve the space and freedom to show them off.

Our keepers and interns have worked very hard building temporary enclosures for the bobcats so that we can accept them here this week. Here they will be able to acclimate to their new life. They will receive vet care and be spayed and neutered. But we need to raise funds to build them free roaming habitats as quickly as possible.

Looks can be deceiving. Even though bobcats are small, they can run up to 30 miles per hour. They’re mostly predators, rarely prey. They have extremely sharp teeth that cut through meat and hide.

Our Sanctuary started out as a refuge for small wild cats. We know how important it is for small cats to have space, just like the big cats.

Though most people understand the need for wide open spaces for lions and tigers, few realize how vital it is for the smaller wild cat species, too. At some facilities, space for them isn’t a priority. But it is at TWS. We know they need places to climb, tall grass to hide and stalk from, trees to scratch and stretch out on, and safe dens to retreat to.

Bobcats purr when they’re happy and content. With your help, we know that these four will soon be purring – thankful that your support saved their lives and gave them a home they yearned for.

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