Witness Protection Cats

You know our over 100 special residents that call the Sanctuary home. But did you know we have other special residents that we aren’t able to share with you yet?

As part of the ‘witness protection program’ for ongoing legal cases, we also provide humane housing for those cats still in limbo in the legal process.

We travel hundreds of miles and sign very restrictive contracts with the government and/or authorities to provide the best we can for a cat or many cats that have been seized.

The contracts we sign mean we could house a ‘witness protection program cat’ for months and even years before the court case is determined. During that time, we aren’t allowed to share photos or their stories with the public.

This means we can’t fundraise for their care, habitat or ongoing expenses. And in 95% of the cases, we receive no reimbursement or compensation from the courts or authorities.

We’re literally asked to make sure these cats don’t exist to our volunteers, donors or the public to not impede the case.

That breaks my heart! The cats we have in the witness protection program are AMAZING! Just as you love Shanti Deva, Chupino and so many others, I know how much you would love these ‘faceless cats,” too.

And to those of us here caring for them every day, they aren’t

faceless. We know how unique they are. We know what they’re going through is difficult and we know we can make it better for them, even if has to be done in silence.

That’s why being a monthly pride member means so much! Not only do your support the residents you know, but you also support those that need our help quietly to ensure their safety.

We look forward to the day, we can share each and every one of their stories with you!