Young Serval Surrendered

By | March 6, 2006 at 5:51 pm | No comments | TWS in the News

The wild nature of many exotic wildcats prohibits them from becoming companion pets, regardless of how innocent or cute they appear. Such is the case with Eve, a baby African Serval. Servals are rapidly becoming very popular in the exotic cat trade. Owners quickly realize the species are indeed wild, often temperamental and do not make good pets. This realization has led to the need for suitable homes, like The Wildcat Sanctuary, where these unwanted animals receive the proper care from compassionate, educated staff.

TWS received a call in November, 2003, from an unsatisfied owner wishing to surrender the young wildcat due to her unfriendly nature. Tammy Quist agreed to rescue yet another animal and find a permanent home for her to prevent future neglect, abuse, or other unspeakable outcomes, often experienced by these unwanted animals.

TWS staff picked up the three-month-old Serval at a local, suburban gun shop. The owner had purchased Eve at only a few weeks old from a breeder. It was evident that little Eve had a physical malady in her front right leg, which did not straighten as it should. Further examination by a veterinarian diagnosed Eve with elbow dysplasia due to improper nutrition.

The national network of accredited sanctuaries was again utilized to find a permanent home for Eve where she would be able to receive proper care and medical attention for her special needs. Eve is reportedly adjusting and doing very well in her new habitat.

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