Zeus Moves to Wild Woodlands!

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Our first resident has moved into the new Wild Woodlands area and he is very glad to be there.  Zeus was moved down to his new 5600 square foot habitat complete with a brand new perch.  We even brought down his favorite kiddie pool so he wouldn’t be lonely. 

Zeus behind UTV

Zeus behind the UTV

So how did we move such a big guy all the way across our 40 acre property you wonder?  Easy, a tiger size crate on wheels plus a four wheel drive UTV.  Zeus, being the outgoing individual that he is, walked right into the crate when we bumped it up to his door. It was quite the adventure for him and for all the residents along the way.  Of course, Tasha the cougar, was very mad that he passed by her enclosure, how dare he share her space.  Once we got down to Wild Woodlands it got a little tricky though.  All hands were on deck to push the 400 plus pound Zeus through the newly excavated ground (aka mud) to his new habitat but we made it.

Now you would think the first thing a cat would want to do when introduced into a new space would be to run.  Nope not Zeus.  He had to check out his den first, make sure his sleeping quarters were up to par.  Then he slowly made his way out of his lockout to check out the habitat.  He was a little hesitant to leave the rock path around the edge but quickly learned he could run and jump up on his perch. 

Zeus in habitat

Zeus in his new habitat

It was a very joyous occasion for everyone.  That moment when they realize they have space to run and be wild and crazy is the best.  He started to get a little frisky after a few minutes and would dart from his perch to his pool kicking up his heels.  Thank you to all who have donated to Wild Woodlands.  It might seem a small thing to donate a few dollars, but it truly means the world to our residents and to our staff.  We are so thankful for our wonderful donors, volunteers and supporters.  Please keep those donations coming because next on the list to move is Layla.  We are so close to completing her habitat.  One or two weeks max and she will be next to Zeus, running and finally wild at heart.  On behalf of Zeus and all the staff, thank you.   

Zeus in the snow

Thank you!

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