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From Tammy:

While most were enjoying a Thanksgiving feast, I was flying to Poland. I needed to begin finalizing plans in hopes we could bring the 4 rescued Ukraine lion cubs back home to the sanctuary.  The list of details for an international rescue is mind boggling! And everything needs to be in order before we can confirm a trip home.

While I’m planning over there, will you help us plan here?

Photo Credit: Holly-Marie Cato

Funding Lesya, Stefania, Taras and Prada’s futures by becoming their sponsor parent today would be such an amazing way of helping.

Born into captivity in Ukraine, they were destined for the exotic pet trade. But not anymore. They’ve been rescued out of Ukraine, and with your help, they get to live out their lives here, sanctuary safe.

They’ve been through so much already, growing up around bombs exploding, being transported time and time again to get them safe. Now, it’s time to finally bring them home.  But we need to prepare and we need your help.

It will cost $10,000 a year to care for each cub.  They will live approximately 20 years or longer.  That’s a big and expensive commitment, but one so worthwhile to give them the life of compassion they deserve.  A life where they’ll forever be safe and well cared for.  They will receive nutritious food, enrichment to play with, spacious outdoor habitats and temperature-controlled bedrooms.

You can be more than a part of just their journey home.  As a sponsor parent, you can be with them for the lifelong journey.

For $50/month, we’ll send along photos and updates whenever you ask.

Sponsor any of the lion cubs HERE.

Or donate NOW to help welcome them home!

Thank you for considering being a part of this international rescue ❤️ We’re grateful for IFAW who will be covering the transport cost of the cubs.

Feature photo credit: Holly-Marie Cato

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