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Covid-19 is affecting us all


If you are anything like me, perhaps you are a little anxious right now.  Your head might want to rationalize that others are overreacting, as your heart might bring awareness to the fragility of life.  This is perfectly normal.

When something unfounded or big happens in our own world, it can feel just as uneasy.  And when it is a global nature like this, maybe it is the best reminder of all how interconnected we are all.  It’s a time we are forced to slow down, reach out to our loved ones and remember we are in this together.

People face challenges every day, the more people that face it at once, makes it feel so much bigger and overwhelming, but as in with other challenges, we are stronger together. I feel the same today.

Having to stop and think about how today’s climate affects my personal family, our employees, interns and volunteers as well as all of YOU, our extended family is a HUGE task.  And how you are affected, affects our cats and your pets at home.  But in this thought, I also feel so much love.  None of us are going through this alone – we have each other.  And that is a pretty magnificent silver lining.

We are reaching out to each other more to make sure we are okay emotionally and physically.  We are showing compassion even in our simplest tasks.  Here at TWS, we are ordering supplies that are reusable like rubber gloves and pooper scooper vs. nitrile gloves that are needed by outside health workers.  It may seem small, but even the smallest decision can have a positive ripple effect.

We have a staff that works and lives together in an isolated area. We have to prepare if our staff gets sick and needs to be away from work for several weeks. We have prepared offsite quarantine and onsite overnight quarters. We care about the humans, just like the cats and don’t want either to suffer during a challenging time.  We know you don’t either.  With our crisis plans in place, we have stocked daily supplies for over a month, 2 months of small cat food and over 6 months of big cat food.  The onsite hospital will allow to make humane decisions even if there are any shutdowns at offsite emergency services.

We’ve built our own sustainable community because of you.  We owe it to you and the cats!

And it is also good for all of us to experience joy daily.  Mental health is just as important as physical health, and that’s what the cats you have rescued provide all of us!  It’s their gift to us after all you help provide for them.

We hope we can bring that to you during this time.  You deserve joy and even a little distraction once in a while.  The power of positivity cannot be underestimated.  And when joined with preparedness it is even stronger.

Our thoughts are with you!  And please reach out to me or each other if you need a pick me up or a shoulder to lean on.

Doing something good, feels so good.  And we can all use that right now.

Thank you for your continued support!





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