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You are amazing!! We surpassed our goal of raising 4 months of operating costs!! Thank you!

Caretaker Experience Winner: Congratulations Katy from Isanti, Minnesota! Be sure to check your email for winner details.

We also drew the 10 lucky winners of tiger cub Nova’s first ever paw painting.
The names chosen randomly are:

1. Donna M. from Stow, MA

2. Cassandra W-F. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

3. Diana A. from Falls Church, VA

4. Patrick C. from Tallapoosa, GA

5. Mary S. from Minneapolis, MN

6. Lauri B. from Warren, MI

7. Margaret K. from Mead, WA

8. Carole &Henry H. from Clyde, NC

9. Joseph H. from Golden Valley, MN

10. Don A. from CA

It’s nice to see Nova’s artwork will be enjoyed by supporters all over the country!


November 17th: November 17 ONLY, no matter the size of your donation, generous supporters have stepped up to inspire you to give a little bit more by tripling whatever you donate – up to an additional $45,000!

For those who’ve already given, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ You helped us reach our triple match by unlocking our $70,000 double match which is amazing!!!

Why give?  Because giving helps us save lives – and that feels pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

Your gift now through November 17th will go even further when generous donors match it up to $70,000 – WOW! That means your gift will be doubled – $10 becomes $20, $50 becomes $100.

Your gift will help newly rescued tiger cub Nova.  She came to us as part of our Tiger Amnesty Program. This program allows owners or authorities to surrender a wild cat without their background or circumstances being made public.

This encourages those who’ve made a mistake acquiring a wild cat, or authorities who have possession of one, to place with us so the cat can enjoy sanctuary life. It also ensures the safety of the cats, especially when the seizure of the cat is due to unrelated felony charges or raids.

Growing up wild at heart.  Nova is now safe at sanctuary and will only know compassion.  But it will cost $10,000 a year to care for her.  That’s over $200,000 a lifetime! Your gift TODAY helps us ensure her future is one she can look forward to.


  • You’ll be entered for a chance to win our CARETAKER EXPERIENCE  – something we only offer this one time a year!
  • You’ll be entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 Nova paw paintings!
  • $70,000 in MATCHING FUNDS will make your gift go twice as far !
  • Individual donations over $100 will receive a PAW PRINT and PHOTO CARD THANK YOU from rescued tiger cub Nove, too! 
    (International and Facebook donors will receive via email)

Your gift for GIVE TO THE MAX DAY qualifies you for a chance to literally be part of our caretaking team. How awesome would that be! Details about this experience listed below.*

We know kindness to animals makes a better world for all of us.  It will certainly be a kinder, gentler place because of your compassion.

Thank you for helping make so much possible, for so many.

November 17th – Live Posts and Videos – See the Sanctuary in a New Way

November 17th is GIVE TO THE MAX DAY Day and that’s the day we’ll be sharing with you a “New View” of the Sanctuary through several behind-the-scene live posts and videos including getting up close and personal during feeding time, a vet exam, night tour and much more.

Tune in throughout the day to our live Facebook posts and unique video to experience the sanctuary in a way you haven’t before!!!

And by donating for GIVE TO THE MAX DAY, you’re already part of our extended caretaker team, saving big cats.



* All donors are entered into a drawing to WIN the CARETAKER EXPERIENCE. One entry per person.

This experience is for two individuals, both must be 18 years or older. Winner will be announced on Facebook on November 23, 2022.

This tour opportunity expires November 17, 2023. Must be scheduled with sanctuary at least 2 weeks in advance. One night hotel stay at Grand Casino Hinckley included.

Winners are responsible for their own airfare/transportation to and from the Sanctuary. 

You and a guest will spend a 1/2 day learning what it takes to care for over 100 wild cats. Read about previous winners’ experiences, with photos, HERE.

If you can’t attend, we’ll give you your own private tour via Facebook ‘live.’  We’ll answer your questions and show you the cats you want to see. Either way you win.

If the winner cannot be reached by November 23rd, a new name will be drawn. The Caretaker Experience must take place before 11/17/2023 and date/time to be coordinated with the Sanctuary. If you can’t donate at this time, but would still like to qualify for the drawing, please email your name, address, email, and phone to [email protected] with “Caretaker Experience Drawing” in the subject line.

PS  This year, we’re making it easy! Since we’re asking you to give any way, any amount to make it count, all donations won’t be reflected on the GiveMN leaderboard.  But check back on this page, and we’ll be sure to provide you our overall totals!


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