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Keeping the sanctuary safe during Covid-19


Our sanctuary is one of the few in the country not open for public tours. It’s served the animals well over the years – and even more so now as we deal with COVID-19.

The health and safety of our team and animals has always been at the forefront.

You may have heard this weekend that there’s new information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This Zoonotic disease can cross more species barriers than previously thought.

Nadia, a Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo, has tested positive for COVID-19 after exposure by an infected zookeeper.

It’s important you know, the tiger and staff member at the zoo are expected to have a full recovery. I’m so thankful hearing that.
And, at this time, there’s no evidence to suggest any animals, including pets or livestock, can spread COVID-19 infection to people.

In terms of the COVID-19 testing used for animals, it’s different from that used for humans. So there’s no competition for testing between these very different situations.

We’re all watching this data closely as it unfolds.

As you know, even in a normal world, running a sanctuary day-to-day has so many challenges. But now, we’re presented with ever-changing ones.

For the last several weeks, our non-essential staff have already been working remotely. And we put our volunteer program on hold.

Our dedicated animal care staff are isolated in the small town near the sanctuary, following their stay-at-home orders. But they’re still coming to work, giving the cats the exceptional care they always have.

At all times, we have onsite staff members for any overnight emergencies.

If you’ve watched my live videos, you’ve seen how the office cats enjoy me bunking overnight with them. Typical cats, they think my cot is a new bed for them!

Now, in light of this new information from the Bronx Zoo, we’ve put additional protocols in place at the sanctuary.

·    We’re placing foot baths in each animal building.

·    We’ve increased our already strong protocol for sanitizing cleaning and feeding utensils.

·    We’re ensuring enrichment isn’t shared.

·    Staff will also be wearing masks when working within 6 feet of the cats.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is working hard to protect both the big cats and the team working here to care for them.

Everyone stay quarantined or protected to the best of your ability. If YOU are safe, then your pets are safe.

As always, thank you for your support!

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