Adrian is a female F3 Bengal hybrid cat who came to the sanctuary in 2012. She was five years old at the time of her surrender.

Like countless others, she was being surrendered by her owners due to the soiling and marking traits this breed is well known for.

Learn more about Bengal and hybrid cats and why we do NOT support breeding them.

Adrian_2Since she’s a cross between a wild Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, Adrian is caught between two worlds.  Domestic cat shelters won’t take her in because they consider her wild and unadoptable.  Most wild cat sanctuaries won’t take her in because they consider her domestic.

And even the Bengal Rescue group contacted recommended having her put to sleep. This is exactly why so many hybrid cats are euthanized.  Once owners choose they can’t keep the cat in the house anymore, it’s too late and there aren’t many options.

Life at the Sanctuary

Adrian, who was nicknamed “AP,” is one of the lucky ones.  Even though we had no open space, we felt we owed her a home since she is a Minnesota cat.

From the moment she arrived, she’s been very curious, vocal and fits right in. But, as much as she acts like she’d like living with other hybrids, she doesn’t. That’s why she has her own private suite in a bungalow we built especially for her and two other hybrids who also preferred their own space.

But, with this bungalow set up, they have the best of both worlds. They’re in their own private habitat, but the shared walls allow them company of others.

How You Can Help

Caring for a wild cat for life – even a small hybrid like Adrian – can be very expensive. Hybrids usually come to us with  genetic and/or medical issues due to their breeding.

Our sponsorship program helps support the cats’ care costs and allows you to form a special bond with them. Would you consider being Adrian’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation toward her care would be so appreciated. It’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you for caring about the little wild ones, too!