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Benson came to The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2006 when he was only a year old. We were contacted by a sanctuary in Arizona. They’d gotten word that a rehabilitator needed to find a home for a young bobcat. Since we had space available at the time, we agreed to accept Benson as a new resident.

Life at the Sanctuary

Benson arrived purring and excited to meet his new bobcat friend, Claud. We were so happy this match worked out, for both their sakes.

Benson’s roommate Claud was also a wild born bobcat. When Claud was a kitten, he was found caught and impaled on a fence in California.

Wildlife rehabilitators were unable to save his right rear leg and it had to be amputated. This injury meant Claud could no longer be released back into the wild. So, they contacted us for placement.

It’s so comforting to see Claud and Benson cuddled up together. While Claud is shy, Benson is incredibly charismatic. Opposites really do attract.

Benson has always been assertive and playful. For sure, he hasn’t met a scent he doesn’t like. Scent enrichment and puzzle feeders are his favorite past times! His most recent favorte enrichment is newspaper or pine tree branches.

Benson uses his good looks and captivating purr to earn the love of his caretakers. Every once in a while, though, mischievous Benson will try to take a playful swipe at his human “prey,” reminding us that every bobcat is wild at heart.

How You Can Help

When we rescue a young wild-born bobcat, we make a lifelong commitment to them. Through our sponsorship program, you can also help make a difference. Would you consider becoming Benson’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation toward his care is so helpful. Thank you for considering this compassionate way of giving.