Donoma is a wild-born, male cougar cub who came to us in 2008.  He was found alone and struggling in a river in Montana. Without human intervention, he may not have survived.

He was brought to the Montana Wildlife Center and they determined he was too young to be rehabilitated and released. From there, Donoma made his way cross country to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

Donoma has grown into a beautiful cougar. He lives in a free-roaming habitat in Cougar Cove with four other wild-born cougars. Since they all grew up here at the sanctuary from a young age, we were able to successfully merge them. They’ve created their own close, family unit and we affectionately call them “The 5 Wild.”

Most days, you’ll find them all laying around together, catnapping high up on their huge perch, surveying the entire sanctuary from their great vantage point. One of Donoma’s favorite places is his cool cave, winter or summer.

As he’s grown up here at the sanctuary, Donoma’s personality blossomed. He’s a fastidious groomer, always making sure his paws are squeaky clean after every meal. He’s also established himself as quite the performance artist – literally. When offered a painting canvas, he prefers to toss it through the air into the grass in order to create his masterpieces.

How You Can Help

Rescuing young wild cats is such an expensive commitment since it means 20+ years of care. That’s why our sponsorship program is so important. It helps provide the best life possible for those we’re able to rescue.

Would you consider becoming Donoma’s sponsor parent, or even giving a one time donation toward his care?  There are buttons at the top of this page that make it easy to do. And, it makes such a difference for him – thank you!