Jaharah is a male African serval who was surrendered to The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2009.  He was three years old at the time.

His owner soon realized it was illegal to own a serval in Iowa. She feared  Jaharah might be seized and euthanized. So, she began her search for a sanctuary that could offer him a good life.

Life at the Sanctuary

He arrived extremely overweight at 58. 8 pounds! With the proper diet and nutrition, Jaharah’s now a good size at about 37 pounds.  He’s become very active since he’s now a more normal weight. But mealtime is still his favorite time and he gets very excited!

Jaharah loves all sorts of enrichment and likes to patrol his habitat during the day. In the evenings, he’ll go cuddle up inside his indoor bedroom to sleep on his favorite fire hose hammock.

He’s lived for many years now with a small female African serval named Mesa. They each prefer their own company, but we do find them curled up together from time to time.

How You Can Help

Rescuing wild cats is so expensive since they each require such specialized care. That’s why our sponsorship program is such a huge help! Would you consider being Jaharah’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation towards his care would help so much. It’s easy to do using the buttons you see at the top of this page.  Thank you for your compassionate support!