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Jewel is a beautiful F1 Bengal who arrived here at the sanctuary in 2010 when she was just three years old.

She was purchased by a breeder of domestic Bengal cats who soon realized it was not a good idea to breed F1 Bengals. We were happy to provide Jewel a forever home here in the Hybrid Haven section of the sanctuary after she was surrendered to us by the breeder.

Life at the Sanctuary

Jewel has always been one of our shyer cats. Even though she’s such an introvert, she does live well with her more extroverted bungalow mates.

Jewel has always had a great appetite and doesn’t hesitate at all to come out for treats from her caretakers. But nine times out of ten, you’ll find her hanging out in the tube we placed for her in her outdoor habitat. It doesn’t matter what season it is, the tube is Jewel’s favorite spot to be. That’s why we also placed tubes inside her indoor bungalow that she really enjoys, too.

She prefers to be out and about, running around right at dusk and dawn. Cats, just like Jewel, are considered crepuscular. This means they are most active in the hours just before the sun goes down in the evenings, and just after the sun peaks over the horizon in the morning.

We’re happy Jewel has the choice to do whatever she likes, whenever she likes!

How You Can Help

Our sponsorship program is what makes top notch care possible for our residents, like Jewel. She’d love to have you as her sponsor parent!  Or even a one-time donation toward her care would help so much, too.

You’ll find buttons at the top of this page if you’d like to help Jewel in a very special way.  Thank you!