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Tao is a 9-year-old female bobcat who arrived here at the sanctuary in 2019. She was surrendered by an out-of-state owner who couldn’t care for her anymore.

From the moment she arrived, she showed us she’s very independent and already very vocal, giving us her bobcat grumble to tell us who’s in charge.

Tao loves her food, which is pretty obvious by her Santa-like body!

Sadly having been 4-paw declawed, Tao will need to trim down a bit to prevent arthritis. We’ll be able to help her slowly with that by tailoring a special diet for her and providing lots of exercise opportunities in her new habitat.

We loved seeing her explore her temporary habitat and tall perch right away. She even curled up in her indoor bungalow the first night.  We know this chapter of her life will be her best!

Life at the Sanctuary

We’re happy to report that after several months, Tao has trimmed down quite a bit. She loves the perches and hammocks in her habitat and has become more and more accustomed to her caretakers and life here at the sanctuary.

It’s always great seeing how the cats blossom once they’re able to live ‘wild at heart!’

How You Can Help Tao

Rescuing a bobcat means we take on a long lifetime of care expenses. That’s why we started our sponsorship program. Having you as Tao’s sponsor parent helps us provide top notch care for her. Would you consider helping this way?

Or even a one time donation toward her care would make such a difference. You can do that easily using the buttons at the top of this page. Thank you!