Sabrina’s a female Sumatran/Bengal mix tigress who arrived at the sanctuary in 2010. She was 10 at the time and had been found, along with her two sons, in the backyard of a rural Texas home (left photo above.)

Ten days earlier, their owner had apparently died due to drugs and no one knew tigers were even there! They’d been left to survive on their own in the blistering heat with no food and little water.

Sabrina had escaped her cage and authorities had to sedate her to put her in a travel trailer, where she stayed for a week. Can you imagine how scared she must’ve been?

See photos from Sabrina’s rescue here.

It wasn’t until Sabrina was taken in by a local rescue group that she got the food and water she so desperately needed. She was severely dehydrated and malnourished.

Life at the Sanctuary

Hearing about her plight, we drove straight through to Texas to rescue her. She and her sons hadn’t lived together there. Her sons went to a sanctuary in Florida. Who can blame Sabrina for being so fearful, arriving at this new place, especially with awful memories of what she’d just been through?

But, after working patiently with her, she relaxed. Though nervous around strange faces, she soon realized she was safe and loved. Today, she enjoys shredding boxes, stalking from the tall grass, playing and rolling in the snow. She’s able to be the tigress she was meant to be, living wild at heart.

How You Can Help

Her transformation reminds us what true compassion can really do for animals in need. Would you like to help by sponsoring Sabrina? Our family of sponsors is very important to all of our residents and their continued care here at the sanctuary.

Or perhaps a one time donation towards her care? You can do either by using the buttons at the top of this page. Thank you for caring, too!