We’ve said “yes” to a very unique situation, one we normally would not have.
Four Bengal cats were purchased, totaling several thousands of dollars, by someone who’d planned on breeding them.
Due to that person’s health issues, the cats ended up with a family member who took care of them for the past year.
The 3 females had been living together – Besty, Dahlia, and Xena.

But since they were all intact, the male, Riku, lived in a room by himself.

Besty needed emergency surgery right when she arrived for her life-threatening pyometra. She has recovered from surgery and feels a lot better.

She is the most outgoing of the four and can be easily overstimulated and gives a swat or a nibble to get what she wants.

We know she will love the indoor and outdoor areas provided where she can have the stimulation of the grass, trees, platforms and more.