We welcomed Thor, an F2 Savannah born in 2016, to the sanctuary. It’s cases like his that break my heart.

Thor’s owner was promised by the breeder that Savannah cats use the litter box just like domestic cats. That was NOT the case.

But, his owner was committed to Thor. She tried everything she could in hopes he’d stop marking the house. She had scheduled feedings and bathroom breaks, brought him to the vet where cat Prozac was recommended.

I’d connected with her about a year ago, and she was continuing to try to make it work. She really loved Thor and didn’t want to give him up or turn his world upside down.

But in the end, she knew it wouldn’t work for her or Thor. The owner is brokenhearted.

And now, Thor needs to start a new life. We know he’ll be very happy here. But I can’t help but be mad at these breeders who make promises that can’t be kept.

It tears apart two lives – the human’s and the cat’s. Thor’s owner reached out to the breeder for support and never even received a return phone call.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this story. It’s a pattern that’s like a broken record, and keeps repeating itself.

Breeders who are selling hybrids and wild cats as pets need to be held accountable. That’s why we educate as much as we do. To prevent hybrids like this from being bred and purchased at all.

And it’s why we support legislation that prevents private breeding and ownership of hybrids and wild animals as pets.



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