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What’s ahead for 2024


You helped us accomplish amazing things for the cats this year! Not only for our existing residents but also 30 additional rescues that now get to live wild at heart!


Join us as we look ahead to what’s in store for 2024!

  • Build Catio Town to accommodate small and hybrids cats. This includes temporarily moving cats to other areas of the sanctuary, demolishing several current bungalows to construct a 60’ x 90’ new building with catios.
  • Add two Cats’ Meow Pavilions with garden landscaping for staff, volunteers and donors as reflection and recharge areas.
  • Upgrade the remaining bungalows with new buildings.
  • Share our Strategic Plan with our supporters and key stakeholders.
  • Fundraise and construct new habitats and heated areas for Sushi the Fishing Cat and recent bobcats/lynx rescues.
  • Upgrade outdoor wi-fi throughout the sanctuary to provide better service for observation cameras, enrichment TVs and social media.
  • Continue Board of Directors recruitment and succession planning for leadership team.
  • Lead by example to continue professionalizing the industry through adequate staffing levels, increased compensation, and benefits.
    • 2 additional caretaker positions will be added to ensure the same amazing care for the new rescues.
  • Continue to elevate TWS Animal Care with new approaches to medical needs and animals’ psychological wellbeing.
  • Implement vet technician intern program to train future sanctuary workers.
  • Remove bunkhouse trailer to create more space around Rescue Bay.
  • Continue to upgrade sanctuary and township roads and parking areas.

Here is what you helped us accomplish in 2023!

  • Welcomed 30 new residents and said goodbye to 9 beloved cats. Assisted the Department of Justice, United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of Natural Resources on several seizure cases.
  • Awarded Carole Noon award for sanctuary excellence and 4 star rating from Charity Navigator.
  • Repaired several habitats that had been damaged from the winter’s ice storm.
  • Purchased 2 additional UTVs for daily feeding, rounds and more.
  • Invested in emergency and crisis response equipment for our safety plan and ability to deploy to help other facilities during disasters.
  • New customized rescue trailer was purchased.
  • Purchased new X-ray machine customized for large animals.
  • New platform system bult for Eurasian Lynx, Beauty.
  • Added increased heated room space and customized outdoor dens for the three cheetahs.
  • Excavation of tigers Terek and Polina’s yard for better drainage.
  • Many room-to-room guillotines were installed inside animal buildings to give the cats more and larger options for indoor quarters.
  • Construction of several temporary catios and enclosures for the increased rescues.
  • New electric upgrade for the property was installed.
  • New security system through the sanctuary was completed.
  • Specialty surgeries were performed on serval Scarlet and domestic cat Josie.
  • U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar visited the sanctuary to learn about our work and what support is needed for the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

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