There’s a small exotic cat crisis in our country as much as a big cat crisis. Lately, news stories have been popping up all over the country about escaped exotic “pets.” Yes, we’re making some progress on local and state levels with regulations about private ownership of big cats. And the Big Cat Public Safety … Read more

The Combined Federal Campaign is the official workplace-giving campaign for the federal community. This year, the program is available through January 15, 2022. The website for Federal employees and retirees is: What is the Combined Federal Campaign? The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) offers federal employees and retirees the opportunity to support the causes they … Read more

As my birthday approaches, I can’t help but look back over the years. Just this past week, our 22-year-old serval Cleo had her geriatric wellness exam. It was emotional for many reasons. Most of all because she was the first cat to begin the sanctuary with me. Luckily, Cleo’s as healthy as any 22-year-old cat … Read more

There are so many ways you can be a HOLIDAY HERO to a wild cat this season!  MAKE A DONATION For some, Thanksgiving Day begins the season of getting. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday. But what Thanksgiving really begins is the season of giving back. That’s what makes each of us feel truly … Read more

What’s it really like to win a CARETAKER EXPERIENCE at The Wildcat Sanctuary? Some of our previous winners couldn’t wait to share their thoughts with us! Caretaker Experience – Mary from Massachusetts “My caretaker experience was definitely a once in a lifetime chance I was so fortunate to win!! I would’ve donated on GIVE TO THE … Read more

When we hear about accidents or fatalities happening at other facilities, it’s heartbreaking. But it reconfirms why here, at The Wildcat Sanctuary, human safety has always been the #1 Strategic Anchor our sanctuary’s built upon. We realize that, without making safety a priority, it jeopardizes the lives of all the animals we’ve worked so hard … Read more

Looking back over the year, it’s amazing what our donors and supporters accomplished for so many! Habitats and Residents  7 lions, 2 servals, 1 bobcat, 1 Eurasian Lynx and 5 hybrids were welcomed to the Sanctuary.  The sanctuary completed our largest international rescue to date, coordinating with four separate zoos from Argentina. This took years … Read more

Many times we’re asked, “Well, if zoos and circuses shut down, where will the animals go?” What’s happening in Argentina is an example. As their zoos change from exhibiting wild animals to instead becoming more compassionate eco-parks, it’s meant many of their big cats have needed placement. You’ve already helped lions Salteña, Chupino. Kimba, Sofia … Read more

The #1 thing you can do to help 2021 Big Cat Public Safety Act – UPDATE The Big Cat Public Safety Act has been reintroduced as H.R. 263 by Reps. Michael Quigley, D-Ill., and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn. We need your help once again to pass this important bill – and take it across the finish … Read more

In 2017, The Wildcat Sanctuary is currently home to FIVE white tigers. There have been others in the past and sadly, there will be more in the future. If white tigers are so rare, though, why are there so many in need of rescue? We hope you’ll learn these basic facts about white tigers. The … Read more

Shanti Deva, a lioness who was rescued and brought to the Wildcat Sanctuary. This sanctuary is using its 3 million Facebook followers to change the lives of lots of big cats. (Photo: Wildcat Sanctuary) Learn how social media managers are using the Internet to amplify their causes. Nonprofits traditionally have a pretty tough time making … Read more